When Buying A House, Things You Should Look For, Even If You Don’t Use Them

So you’re looking for a new home? Besides wanting a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a nice kitchen, and a big backyard, what are some other things you are looking for? You might want to think a little outside of the box of the home itself. Think neighborhood or community. These 8 perks of a neighborhood might just be something you need to add to your list.

  1. Access to Great Grocery Stores – Check the surrounding areas and see how far away is the grocery store that you would want to shop at. Is it convenient for you for everyday purchases?
  2. HOA Amenities – Most neighborhoods these days require some type of HOA dues. What do those dues include? Is there a pool? A clubhouse? Tennis courts? Playground? It’s best to get with your real estate agent and see a list of what your dues will provide you!
  3. Nearby Fitness Options – A gym on site or nearby is a great perk for a neighborhood. Even if it’s not right in the neighborhood, but close by it will provide a benefit to you or if you ever sell your home.
  4. Walkability – Being able to walk around your neighborhood comfortably and safely is a huge perk. Sidewalks, trails, outdoor gathering spaces, and some businesses within walking distance are somethings that are very valuable to a buyer.
  5. Access to Schools and Parks – Even if your kids aren’t school-age yet or you don’t plan on having kids, schools and parks in close proximity are great for resale value. Moving too close to a park or school can cause for concern over traffic or noise problems; so make sure it is worth it to you.
  6. Proximity to Freeways/Highways – You don’t want a freeway or highway right in your backyard, but easy access to on-ramps and off-ramps are quite a benefit. You will be thankful even if you don’t use them all the time.
  7. Neighborhood Watch – This shows that the neighbors care about the safety of not only themselves but the neighborhood as a whole. It will make you and your community feel safer and keep crime low. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors when you are first moving in, too!
  8. A Great Community Vibe – A common question when meeting new people is, “Where do you live?” The answer to this question means a lot to people. The neighborhood name or city you live in matters! People want to live in a neighborhood that is well-known for being hip, up-and-coming, or for its artistic vibe. Not only will this help with your love for your neighborhood when you buy and live there, but it will help with the possible resale in the future.

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