Blue Lights College Partnership

Over the past couple of weeks, Johnie and I have been in discussions with the president of Blue Lights College, Captain Jacques Gilbert. As we have been learning the history behind Blue Lights College and their mission for the future, we have decided to stand behind that mission and build a partnership with them. Johnie and I are excited to announce that we have created a 1-year student-athlete scholarship that will be offered this upcoming 2019-2020 school year. With that said, I would like to provide you with some information about Blue Lights College.

Captain Gilbert is the founder and president of Blue Lights College and created it in 2017 with some foundational pillars. Those pillars: Faith, Purpose, and Trust, drive the heart and soul of Blue Lights College. During the students time at this college they are able to focus on academics, athletics, career development, as well as their spiritual connection with God. Captain Gilbert wants to create better relationships between police forces and the public and build officers that have the best mentalities for serving the public.

For academics, classes are mainly online so that the students can still work on building their career. There are some in-person hands-on classes as well in which the students work with real police departments. Once these classes are complete, the students head over to Wake Tech Community College to complete the BLET program. When they complete that class, they then have the assistance of Blue Lights College for career placement. The college has been able to partner with over 15 various police departments to allow for the students to choose there future location for employment.

Currently, Blue Lights College offers Men’s Wrestling, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Competitive Pistol Marksmanship. They compete against schools from NJCAA, NCWA, NAIA, Division II & III, NCAA, and NCCAA. As the school continues to grow, more sports are too come. One that I am really excited about is the possibility of soccer teams coming to Blue Lights College.

If you are uncertain about where you want to be with your career or have thought about joining the police force, Blue Lights College will help you make your final decision. With the passion behind the college, Captain Gilbert and his team will be there for you with whatever you may need. Check out their website for more information: www.bluelightscollege.org.

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